Hello Friends!

I’m Daphne Hart, food lover and part-time vegan, writing to you from a sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy England. 

You may be wondering, what exactly makes a person become “sometimes vegan”?

Well, let me tell you…


I grew up in a family of avid foodies. Vegetables and fruit were a much loved element of my diet, but so was meat, dairy and eggs. Becoming vegan or even just veggie was not something I had ever given serious consideration.

I thought veganism was beyond extreme. While I did not really get veggie either, not consuming dairy or eggs in addition to meat seemed ridiculous. I had loved animals since I was a kid, but to my mind there was a clear distinction between livestock and other animals.

So what changed?


In September 2020 I started a MSc in Global Cooperation and Security. For one of my module choices I opted to study Environmental Governance. What started as a spark of interest quickly ignited into a passion for environmental research.

As part of these studies, we discussed the deforestation and degradation of the world’s tropical forests. Learning of the sheer scale of deforestation paired with the reluctance of states to act effectively was horrifying.

You see, the Global North contribute to the top drivers of deforestation in the Global South with their demand for beef, soy, palm oil and wood products. It can be easy to excuse yourself from action and instead blame corporations and governments. However, while corporations and governments are undoubtedly failing and MUST do more, I realised so could I.

Eating a vegan diet might be the “single biggest way” to reduce your environmental impact on earth. In 2018 researchers at the University of Oxford found that cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food by up to 73%.

And so, I knew I needed to eat less meat, dairy and eggs.


A veganism involves following a diet that avoids all animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs. Many vegans choose to adopt this lifestyle because they fundamentally disagree with the exploitation of animals for food.

I made the decision to eat less animal products with the goal of reducing my environmental impact. Veganism is an extremely effective way in which we can all try to reduce our environmental impact.

Currently, I do not have a fully vegan diet.

While I have reduced my consumption of animal products, I remain unsure as to whether I will ever fully eliminate them from my diet. Despite this, I have elected to identify as “sometimes vegan”. I sometimes eat meat, dairy and eggs and sometimes (or rather more often) I do not.

Some in the vegan community have taken issue with the fact that the word “vegan” is used by a part-timer like me. While I understand this objection, I firmly believe inclusivity is a more effective means to reducing animal product consumption. More people eating fewer animal products is better for the planet than a few people eating no animal products.


Going vegan, even just part-time can be difficult for someone who has grown up eating animal products. Besides the effort of learning how to cook delicious meals without animal products, it can be hard to not sometimes be alienated by the exclusionary rhetoric of some vegans.

I resolved to make a blog where I could document my own struggles and provide encouragement for others also trying to do better. Going fully vegan should be applauded but going part-time is also a worthy choice!

The fact that you are here, means you are trying to make positive changes! We must not let perfection be the enemy of good.

And so, this blog, Sometimes Vegan, was born.


  • My opinions and thoughts of anything vegan or environment focused! Although this blog is focused on promoting part-time veganism to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce deforestation, I also want to discuss other environment related stuff.


  • Recipes! I have always dabbled in the kitchen cooking and baking and really enjoy coming up with delicious vegan recipes to share with you all.


  • Reviews. There is now a multitude of vegan marketed products out there, but it can be hard to know what is worth buying. Find my opinions on vegan products I have sampled to help you decide.

So that’s the story for now. Maybe one day I will become fully vegan, maybe I never will. But in the meantime I hope this blog can help others on their own journeys to eat more vegan! Thank you for visiting! 


See you round,