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Recently I ordered and sampled “The Treat Taster” treat bundle from Livia’s after seeing multiple ads on Facebook. Livia’s is gluten-free vegan snack brand, founded by Olivia Wollenberg in 2014. While at university, Olivia was diagnosed with severe food intolerances. The difficulty of sourcing sweet treats she could enjoy, inspired her to develop a range of plant based indulgent treats. What started out as a small start-up in her parent’s kitchen has since grown into a well-established snack brand.

I was really excited to try some of Livia’s products as the marketing and packaging of the products looked especially professional. The “The Treat Taster” bundle was £13 (not including postage) and encompassed almost all the products offered by Livia’s, including:

• 1x Choc Brownie Nugglets
• 1x Raw Cookie Dough Nugglets
• 1x Salted Almond Butter Nugglets
• 1x Caramel Almond Swirl Dunx
• 1x Maple Peanut Drizzle Dunx
• 1x Choco Hazel Twist Dunx
• 1x Salted Caramel Million Squares
• 1x Choc Orange Million Squares


Livia’s Nugglets come in three flavours: Raw Cookie Dough, Chocolate Brownie and Salted Almond Butter.

I was really excited to try these but initially was a bit disappointed. Each packet contained around 8-9 nugglet balls. I tried the raw cookie dough first and found them a bit bland and slightly claggy. I was hopeful that the chocolate brownie would have a more distinctive flavour. While it was certainly chocolatey it also had a similar claggy texture. The chocolate coating on all three types of Nugglets had a slight bitterness to them as well. Having been somewhat disappointed by the other two flavours I finally tried the salted almond butter. This time I had them with a coffee and what a TOTAL game changer! While I think the salted almond butter Nugglets were a superior flavour it was having them with a hot drink that really made them yum.

Knowing the difference, a hot drink made I definitely intend to retry the other two Nugglet flavours. I have a strong suspicion that Livia’s Nugglets will lend themselves to pretty delicious mug cakes!

  • Raw Cookie Dough ⭐⭐
  • Chocolate Brownie ⭐⭐
  • Salted Almond Butter ⭐⭐⭐(⭐) 


Livia’s Dunx range include 3x oat cookies and three choices of nut butter dip. These include Caramel Almond Swirl, Choco Hazel Twist and Maple Peanut Drizzle. These were by far my favourite products in the Treat box. The oat cookies were especially more-ish and had a really nice crunch. The maple peanut drizzle was very nice but ultimately outshone by both the caramel almond swirl and choco hazel twist. Chocolate and hazel are a classic flavour combo that finds its equal in the caramel and almond combo. All the Dunx snacks had totally cracked the flavours on the nut butters.

If I am to make any criticism, it would be that two of the three nut butters had separated somewhat. Instead of a cohesive nut butter dip I found an oily layer on top of a thicker and not very ‘scoopable’ bottom one. While this did mean I had to use my fingers to access the thicker layer as the biscuits were ineffective, it did not impact the flavour. Syneresis is pretty common with nut butters so do not think this is something that can really be worked on. I would still enthusiastically recommend these Dunx snacks, just maybe have a cocktail stick -on hand if you know separated nut butter will bother you.

  • Caramel Almond Swirl ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Choco Hazel Twist ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Maple Peanut Drizzle ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Million Squares 

The Million Squares come in two flavours, a more traditional Salted Caramel and a Choc Orange spin. I was disappointed by both these variations. The salted caramel squares did not particularly taste of caramel which I thought was a shame given how toffee-ish you can get dates to be. On the other hand, while the Choc Orange squares were distinctly orange flavoured, this was not necessarily to its benefit. I think if you really loved orange flavouring you might find the Choc Orange squares more impressive, but if you are more in the ‘like not love’ crowd I would not recommend them. While these squares looked very appetising, they did not do much for me personally taste wise. They are the only snack I likely will not order again.

  • Salted Caramel ⭐⭐
  • Choc Orange ⭐⭐


At £13 for 8 snacks, Livia’s snacks are a little on the pricy side at around £1.60 per treat. While I could happily justify that for the Dunx snacks, I am unsure whether I can for the Nugglets and definitely not for the Million Squares. At the same time, all of Livia’s snacks are vegan and gluten and dairy free. Additionally, all the packaging used is fully recyclable. Given the expertise and time that will have gone in to perfecting these recipes and ensuring the package is recyclable, the price point is very fair. If you have a flexible income, I highly recommend ordering the Treat Taster bundle first so you can sample everything. Otherwise, I would recommend just ordering one of the Dunx boxes as I thought these were the yummiest snack by far.


If you are a student Livia’s does offer a 15% discount with Student Beans. Additionally, when ordering directly from Livia’s you receive a free multi-pack with your order. This includes 4 of the Choc Orange Million Squares. So, while you can buy Livia’s snacks from major UK retailers, (including Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Waitrose, Ocado, WH Smith, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic) and some independent retailers, there is very much an incentive to order directly from the Livia’s website.


Personally, I will be ordering from Livia’s again! I am excited to try their Dunx Dip’s as they look to have lots of baking potential. If you want some delicious snacks I fully recommend giving Livia’s a go.

You can find Livia’s here

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